D. A few rare books:

Charrier's Book (1837 or before, very scarce), illustrated by a plate signed Charrier shown on the right.
Quoted in 'Bibliographie de la France, ou, Journal général de l'imprimerie et de la librairie, n° 52, p. 639, 1837'.


The books by Teyssèdre (1827, very rare), by Berger (1855, quite rare), by Faraill (1879?, very rare),


by an amateur (Adolphe de Beauvais, 1860, rare) and by Lalanne (1866, quite rare).


These five old French books are sewn. They have only the printer's single stitch holding them together and a simple printed paper cover. They are therefore fragile. Note that the book by Lalanne is rarely complete because its two etchings are wanted by collectors.

The book by an Englishman, Dufton (1867), shown below is very rare.


It has a strong Bradel binding but, owing to its extremely brittle pages (see e.g. the left side of the author's portrait page), it is however very fragile.

Bound books written by Mardon (1858), Burroughes & Watts (1889), Broadfoot (1896),


and Dawson (1904) and some volumes of 'Billiards Expounded' (Mannock, volume 2, 1904),


'Billiards.The Strokes of the Game' (Levi, volume III, 1912) and 'Billiards for the Million' (Levi, volume III, c.1925).


'Billiards' (Joseph Bennett, 1881).


'Modern billiards' (John Roberts, 1902).

Geyer, 'Precision Billiards'. Ed. Sedborough House, Mussoorie, India, 1928, 272 p.
Very rare work about the mental side of the game.

'The Alcock Book of Billiards'. Fifth edition. Re-written to date and enlarged with Roberts (Sen. and Jun.) revisions and edited by Henry Upton Alcock. With illustrations, diagrams, and original breaks; also rules of billiards (in all forms) brought to date of latest authorities. Melbourne, Australia, 1901, 210 p. The first edition was issued in 1863, nearly forty years earlier.

................ Alcock

STODDARD, 'The Science of Billiards with Practical Applications'. Ed. Butterfield, Boston, United States, 1913 1st ed., 160 p.


OGDEN, 'English Billiards Made Easy'. Ed. Brunswick…, Toronto, Canada, 1924, 273 + 8 p.
One of the rare Canadian books.


TAYLOR, 'Billiards for Beginners'. Ed. Taylor, Milwaukee, United States, 1914, 21 p.


Ultra rare privately published lessons.

McCLEERY, 'The McCleery method of billiard playing', Ed. McCleery, San Fransisco, United States, 1890, 144 p.


Very rare book.containing 100 coloured diagrams.

ANONYM0US. La physiologie du billard par un amateur. Ed. Ledoyen, Paris, France, 1860. 64 p.

. This very rare book is interesting as his author, a billiard fan, describes the period 1800-60 during his lifetime.