Guy Huybrechts' collection

Billiards: short stories and novels


  1. BARRIUSO GUTIERREZ Jésus, Billar a tres bandas, Ed. Dossoles, Burgos, Espagne, 2000, 160 p. ISBN 84-87528-03-1.
    A champion of billiards and a police inspector are playing together a special 3-cushion game that transports the reader back to Spain in the Forties.
  2. BAXTER Glen, Meurtres à la table de billard, Ed. Hoëbeke, Paris, France, 2000, 254 p., 23 cm. ISBN 2-84230-090-4.
    Detective spoof illustrated with funny cartoons drawn by the author himself.
  3. BEAUMONT-DELOCQUE, La série américaine, Ed. Laffont, Paris, France, 1985, 229 p. ISBN 2-221-04490-8.
    This is the story of a young heartbroken woman whose last chance is billiards. She resolutely will go to the bitter end at the risk of her life.
  4. BENACQUISTA Tonino, Trois carrés rouges sur fond noir, Ed. Gallimard, France, 2003, 235 p., 18 cm. ISBN 2-07-040798-5.
    A billiard player has his hand severed in a mugging. He is seeking revenge.
  5. BERARD Claude, Le billard tombeau, Ed. Osmondes, Paris, France, 1998, 146 p., 21 cm. ISBN 2-910830-43-8.
    A mysterious corpse is discovered inside a billiard table. During the police investigation, other crimes are committed. Are they connected?
  6. CARRIERE Jean-Claude et RAJAU François, Académie de billard. Un dernier regard. Ed. Nicolas Chaudun, Paris, France, 2006, 80 p., 25 cm. ISBN 2-35039-018-7.
    Novel by Carrière based on photos by Rajau.
  7. DAUDET Alphonse, illustré par THOMAS Yan, La partie de billard, Collection Storia, Ed. Calligram, France, 1996, 45 p., 23 cm. ISBN 2-88445-344-X
    A marshal is playing billiards whereas his troop is under the fire of the enemy and is awaiting his commands.
  8. FERMINE Maxence, Billard blues, Ed. Albin Michel, Paris, France, 2003, 175 p., 20 cm. ISBN 2-226-13685-1.
    Champion Willie Hoppe and gangster Al Capone play billiards in Chicago. A musician is attending the match, whose stake is 5,000 dollars.
  9. GELAT Jacques, La couleur inconnue, Collection Merveilleux n° 13, Ed. Corti, Paris, France, 251 p., 18 cm. ISBN 2-7143-0727-2.
    A young man discovers in Paris a billiard parlour that is known only by a few players. Those form a small sectarian society dominated by a rather frightening owner.
  10. KEATING Henry Reymond Fiztwalter, Un cadavre dans la salle de billard, Ed. Fayard, Paris, France, 1990, 315 p., 22 cm. ISBN 2-213-02612-2.
    A murder was committed in the historical billiard parlour in which snooker was invented. The famous Indian inspector Ghote is asked to discover its perpretrator among five suspects.
  11. MAZZINI Pascal, L'arme de la vengeance, Ed. du Rocher, Monaco, 1995, 163 p., 23 cm. ISBN 2-268-02033-9.
  12. QUINT Michel, Le billard l'étage, Ed. Calmann-Lévi, Paris, France, 1889, 187 p., 21 cm. ISBN 2-7021-3259-6.
    A stranger enters a very unusual billiard room. After playing with regular players, he tells them that he has witnessed a murder. The victim might be Ida, their little protégée.
  13. RIESTRA Jorge, Salon de billares, Ed. Compania General Fabril Editora, Buenos Aires, Argentine, 1960, 178 p., 20 cm.
    The arrival of Pachman disturbs the life of a billiard saloon. The duel of casin between this man and a regular player will last three years and end tragically.